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The Mind That Produces Toppers.

An essential truth needs to be known for parents who feel committed to helping their kids become top students. This truth will resolve the mystery of why all their efforts ( and their kids’ efforts) for top scores failed.

The answer lies in realising that every person has TWO minds.

The first is the mind you are aware of and the one you can use as you wish. The mind with which you are reading these lines, choosing clothes, or deciding different things you do is what we call the “conscious mind”.

Then there is another, much bigger mind that you are not aware of.

This mind is the one that runs your body functions such as breathing, heartbeat or digestion.

This mind also gives you your actions, reactions, and, therefore, your behaviours.

We call this your “unconscious mind” because you are not aware of its presence most of the time.

The Bigger Mind. 

Based on the two minds’ work, they are also called your smaller and bigger minds.

Your conscious mind is much smaller and can do a limited number of tasks. At any given time, you can do a small number of functions. Many people are proud of this ability and call it multi-tasking. They claim to be watching TV while studying and also speaking to their friends on the phone.

While I doubt it, even if they really could do this, these tasks are tiny compared to what the Unconscious mind is doing.

At any time, the unconscious mind maintains all bodily functions, scans the environment for threats, serves as memory, and performs many other functions.

Even while reading these words, your unconscious mind is making sense of these words.

Unconscious Mind Decides Destiny

Until something is wrong, most of us don’t care who runs our liver or makes our blood flow.

Usually, we are more concerned with matters like handling stresses, getting a salary raise, or fitting in that old dress.

The decisions we made in the past and our future choices decide how our life turns out. 

At least some of these decisions come from our unconscious mind. In this way, we can easily say that your unconscious mind decides your destiny.

Better Unconscious Mind … Transformed Future. 

If you are one of those people who believe that your destiny is in your own hands, then you will be relieved to hear that you can quickly and effectively shape your future.

All you need to do is to be on the journey with us towards a Better Mind.

Together, we can put you on the path towards better health, more money, deeper relationships or anything else you desire from life.

Welcome. We hope you will feel inspired to join us in the journey.

Ninad Sharma

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